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SD 7000

SD 7000 is a high precision spectrophotometer that enables to measure color of samples by reflectance and transmittance methods in the wavelength range of 380nm to 780nm at 5nm intervals. For light reflecting samples, simultaneous measurement is possible for SCI (Specular Component Include) and SCE (Specular Component Exclude), and samples even including fluorescence can be measured thanks to the adopted UV cut filter. For transparent samples, a sliding door type large sample chamber has been adopted, which makes it possible to measure even a large sample easily. This model will be an optimum choice for color management of resin, glass, liquid crystal material, metallic color, etc.


Spectral reflectance and transmittance can be measured for light reflection and transmission of object.

You can measure various types of samples such as solid, liquid, powder, pellets and films.

Measurement is done in the wavelength range of 380nm to 780nm at 5nm intervals.
SCI (Specular Component Include) and SCE (Specular Component Exclude) can be measured (simultaneous measurement is also possible).

Measurement using the function of UV cut filter’s IN or OUT is possible, which allows you to evaluate your samples having fluorescence (like papers and fabrics).

With its automatic lens changeover function, measuring aperture changes just by putting an appropriate sample stag.

A wide sliding door has been adopted at a sample chamber for transmittance measurement, by which even large size samples can be easily measured.

Using the color management software annexed to this model, analysis of measurement data and various chromaticity diagrams is possible on the display of your personal computer.