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Terms of Service

This web site is operated by NIPPON DENSHOKU INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. Please check the following notes and use our web site on condition that you agree with those conditions.

All Rights Reserved for Information Without a Permit

Whatever information such as letter, picture, illustration, moving image, software etc. obtained through this web services are prohibited to copy, sell, publish and so forth use beyond the extent of private use.


  • ● We have no gurantee agaist integrity, certainty and usefulness in regard with the system and the quality of full-scale service to provide and information which is offered through this web service or the third-party.
  • ● We are never responsible for a loss due to information and service through us.
  • ● We are never responsible in case that the disputes between the customers or the third party occur.
  • ● We are never responsible in case that it is difficult or impossible to access to the site or else a part of service or complete services can’t be offered imcompletely or completely. In adition, visitor of this website doesn’t pursue the responsibility agaist concerned impediment.

Prohibited Matter

We veto the act corresponding the following for the use of the full-scale service.

  • ● The act offensive to public order and morals.
  • ● The act offensive to law.
  • ● The act similar to the campaign or offensive to campaign law.
  • ● The act detrimental to the other or third person (copyright, infringement of image right insinuation etc.)
  • ● The act obstructive to our management or detrimental to our responsibility.
  • ● The sales act on the internet which we don't give approval.
  • ● Reprint without a permit or redistribution regarding with the full-scale service.
  • ● The act offensive to the regulation laid down by pc communications company or contract provider.
  • ● The act by sending or writing harmful computer program.
  • ● The act by falsifying information provided through the full-scale service.
  • ● In addition, the act that can be judged inadequate.
  • ● The Change, Interruption and Stop Service
  • ● We can change the contents of the full-scale service without notice and acceptance.
  • ● Partial or complete service can be temporally halted or can shut down, if applicable to the following.
    1. (1) In case of regular maintenance for network system, update or emergency.
    2. (2) In case that it is difficult to offer service due to fire, blackout or disaster beyond our control.
    3. (3) In addition, the case that we judge that it is difficult to offer service by unexpected contingency.
  • ● With the above condition, if unreasonable loss and damage occur, We are not responsible for them