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Privacy Policy

We protect personal information. Please read the following notes.
If you agree with those conditions, feel free to use.

The Policies for Personal Information Protection

  • ● When it comes to collecting personal information, we clarify the purpose for collecting agaist entity information and collect on agreement. We handle with care by limiting use of collected personal information. Asking information are mainly personal information including name, e-mail address, telephone number and address which is required when offering information. If we ask other questions, they are selectable by yourself and you can offer on a voluntary basis except for essential question. Meanwhile, we never change asking question without agreement.
  • ● We may have the possibility to donate collected information to a third party to the extent of justifiable purpose. In such case, we treat them appropriately on the condition that we clarify the purpose and get the clear agreement.
  • ● We may have the case to entrust information with a third party for the purpose of proceeding the business smoothly. In such case, we carefully choose the parties who have the reliable level for the privacy and appropriately handle by the contract.