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Spectral Haze Meter

SH 7000

SH 7000 is a spectral haze meter that enables to simultaneously measure color values, spectral data, haze etc.
Measurable in the wave length range of 380 to 780nm at 5nm intervals.
Best choice for evaluation of high performance resin, optical films, glass, liquid, etc.


This haze meter is based on such standard test methods as JIS Z8722 (Illumination and light receiving geometric condition of transparent object), ISO 13468(Total light transmittance test method of plastics as transparent material) and ISO 14782(Haze measuring method of plastics as transparent material).

A wide sliding door has been adopted at a sample chamber, by which samples up to A4 size can be measured. Also, this haze meter can be easily installed.

On the large 5.7’’ color LCD, you can enjoy easily viewable chromaticity diagrams and approximate colors.

You can connect a USB memory stick to the measuring unit, by which measurement data and conditions (CSV files) can be saved to or read in.

You can set a liquid cell with light path length of up to 100mm. So, measurement is possible for thin to dense liquid samples.

In option, you can also measure Hazen color number (APHA) and Gardner color number.

Using the exclusive color management software (available in option), analysis of measurement data and various chromaticity diagrams becomes possible on the display of your personal computer.

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