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Spectrophotometer for Color, Oil & Haze

COH 7700

COH7700 is spectrophotometer for transmittance color, haze and *color of the petroleum products measurement. Measurable in the wave length range of 400 to 700nm at 10nm intervals. Spectral transmittance, transmittance color, haze and color of the petroleum products can be measured by this one unit.
* APHA (Hazen color number), Gardner color number, ASTM color and Saybolt color can be measured (option).


Sample evaluation is available under various industrial standards such as JIS, ISO and ASTM by making use of its highly accurate measuring capability.

Adopts sliding door which is easy to set the sample at sample chamber.

dopts 5.7” TFT color LCD which is easy to see screen display. The display using a touch panel allows a user to intuitively perform operation.

Film sample, plate sample and liquid sample in a cell up to the size of 20mm can be measured with standard sample holder.

A cell up to the size of 100mm can be set with optional sample holder.

The data of working curve can be saved into USB memory stick. Using software, the data is easy to transfer.

COH7700 is all-in one type spectrophotometer comprising measuring unit and optical unit.

Sample holder which can be detached easily allows a user to set various samples.

Loads USB memory connector in the front of instrument. The measurement data can be saved.

Measurement is possible by test tube (option).